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EcoFuelBox E85 Bioethanol Conversion Kit PRO+ is a genuine economical and ecological solution.

E85 Ethanol Conversion Units: EcoFuelBox® PRO+ are electronic devices (manufactured in France) that allow gasoline-powered vehicles (cars, motorcycles, boats, scooters, quads...) to accept E85 ethanol as the primary fuel and achieve savings of up to 50% at each refueling. All this while retaining the option to use gasoline and without any mechanical modification to the vehicle.

Our 7th generation ethanol kits (model 2022) EcoFuelBox PRO and PRO+ are the result of numerous years of research and experimentation in the field of ethanol conversion and have been developed in collaboration with automotive experts from around the world.

All our kits are automatic (gasoline/ethanol) and equipped with a fuel sensor, a remote temperature sensor, and a cold start system to ensure an optimal fuel performance/economy ratio and easy starting in cold weather.

After determining the type of fuel, the kit's microprocessor calculates and optimizes the air/fuel mixture ratio in real-time to ensure complete combustion for better engine performance and durability.

Our Flex Fuel E85 EcoFuelBox Kits are widely used worldwide. They are also known as: E85 Ethanol Units in France, Ethanol Conversion Kit RE85 in Finland, Ethanol System E85 in the Czech Republic, E85 Ethanol Kit in Thailand, but the most common name is E85 Ethanol Kit.

Please note that with our Ethanol Kits, you will be able to run on ethanol, SP95, SP98, E10 gasoline, or any ethanol/gasoline blend. Our Ethanol Units are designed for quick installation without any modifications to your vehicle, taking only 35-60 minutes, so you won't need to pay a mechanic for the installation.

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