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1. General

The Artline International Ltd. has the right to change in all ways the shape, the size and the materials of its products, and this whatever the information mentioned in its leaflet.

If the sale was sealed by mail, it will be specified a period during which this offer will be valid. During this period, rates and technical specifications specified in the offer couldn’t be changed. The present general terms are governing all our sales and prevail on any other condition of purchase, except in specific clearly mentioned cases.

Any order carried out implicitly involve total acceptance of these terms of sale and guarantee. We do not manage the acting of our resellers, those are commercially independent and are fully responsible for their acts. Their customers must hold them responsible for their commitments, regardless of what they are, which these resellers could undertake.

2. Warning

Our company ensures dispatching of kits strictly designed for automobile racing. Accordingly, the latter are approved nor by car manufacturers nor by insurers. They may result in the cancellation of the manufacturer’s warranty. If the insurer has not been warned of the presence of the kit in the vehicle, the latter could use its right of withdrawal in order not cover potential damages or injuries. It is your duty to contact the department of mines matching the prefecture of your department

Our company disclaim responsibility in case of cancellation of manufacturer’s warranty, mechanical or electronic damage or cancellation of insurance coverage.

3. Technical specifications

The good shape of the vehicle and the type of its engine influence the increase of power that our kits can provide. Therefore there is no contractual commitment in the numeric details which are contained in our commercial documents, as those specifying the quantities of consumed fuel or an increase of the engine power, because they are provided as indicative.

4. Shipping and delivery

The time mentioned for delivery are always indicative. They undertake not our responsibility nor cause penalties or damages if the delays came to be exceeded. If the amount of a transaction with a customer exceeds 500 €, a maximal amount of time for delivery will be mentioned.

The passing of this deadline allows the consumer to cancel its purchase with no penalties or damages from our company. The exceptional cases are reserved to our company and allow us to temporarily interrupt the sending of commands for the duration of these exceptional cases.

The shipping cost for each delivery (by postal service, carrier or express) are always the burden of the customer. The recipient assumes all risks for the merchandise during transport. In case of need, the customer should deal this odd with the carrier itself. Any complaints will therefore be written directly to carrier when delivery occurs. It is imperative to send us a copy of this complaint within a period of eight days, failing which no claim will be taken into account.

5. Product return policy

Article L121-20 from French consumption code mentions that the customer has a legal limit of 7 days from the date of delivery of the product to return it in a brand new shape without undergoing penalties. The costs of delivering it back, however, remain to him. To know the terms related to the sending back of our products, contact us by email.

Articles should be sent back in a brand new shape and in their wholeness, including accessories, in its original state and packaging. Respect of these conditions will involve from Artline International Ltd. the refunding in a period of thirty (30) days of the sums paid by the customer and equivalent to the total price of the products sent back.

6. Prices

Our prices are including VAT at the time of departure of our stores, the shipping costs is paid by the client. The invoice is established based on the actual price at the date of shipping.

7. Terms of payment

Our products are always sold in a cash way and without discount. Our head office will endorse any decision concerning the possible agreement relative to payment facility. Shipments may be suspended on our own initiative in the case of absence and/or delay in payment. As mentioned in law article 92/1442 of December the 31, 1992, a delay in payment procedure gives us the right, from the date of expiry, in any legality and without notice required, to proceed to the recovery of penalties of an amount equal to 1.5 times the rate of legal interest established for the current year.

9. Products return and standard exchange

The sending back of an article from the customer is not tolerated in the absence of prior agreement of our part, subject to the clarifications mentioned below, which relate to mail sales. Only asking for exchanges will be favorable considered. The costs for sending back a product shall be paid by the customer who has to return the product in brand new condition and in its original packaging.

The sending back of the product by the customer must happen in a period of eight days, to the outcome of this period no exchange will be accepted. We will refuse without exception any goods we will be receiving without prior agreement. Individuals having acquired goods by mail have as stipulate the act a duration of seven working days from the receipt of the order to return it to us at their expense, for the purpose of obtaining a exchange item or a refund. In such cases, the client is required to send back the product in perfect condition and in its original packaging.

10. Limited Warranty

This warranty only concerns the EcoFuelBox® E85 conversion kit. If a customer encounters a problem on one of our kits and has to send it back, the warranty provides for the replacement of the latter after the failure has been detected in our workshops.

The EcoFuelBox® E85 conversion kits are guaranteed for a period of three years.

In case of necessity of disassembling and reassembling one of our products, the costs of labor are charged to the customer who has sent back the product. Only a normal use of the product enables the use of the guarantee, which lapse in the event of defective or not professionally done installation. This professional has to check by itself the good shape as well as the proper functioning of the whole vehicle.

In all fields and in particular those defined by articles 1641 and following of the French Civil Code, our warranties are limited to the replacement of elements or defective products as well as to carriage and shipping costs. The customer assumes the costs of any necessary product mounting / unmounting. Our society can in no case be required to pay damages for any reason.

EcoFuelBox company assumes no responsibility for nay malfunctioning or damaged engine which could arise after the installation of the kit. Our company will offer no guarantee in the following cases: irresistible force, negligence or lack of maintenance, non-compliant use, faulty mounting or mounting performed by a person with no professional skills.

11. Disputes and recourse

Any dispute concerning the sale of our products, whenever it implies the recourse to a guarantee or multiple defenders, will be refereed to the only jurisdiction of the trading tribunal which our headquarters belong to.

12. Reservation of ownership

The goods remain our property until receipt of the total amounts due (including product and accessories). The furnishing of a document establishing an injunction to pay for the client does not represent a payment with the meaning used in this clause. In case of unpaid, whatever payment date can be, the claim of goods can be imposed considering unpaid goods are those held by the purchaser.

These measures do not call into question the responsibility of the purchaser therefore that our products have left our stores. In the waiting for the full payment (product and accessories included), purchaser has no right to resell and/or transform the goods acquired from our society.

12a. Termination clause by full right

If the purchaser persists in not paying due sums, the sale will be canceled by full right if our society deems necessary, via registered letter with receipt acknowledgment. This clause should also be mentioned without assuming the right that our society retains to claim damages from the concerned customer.

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