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How it works ? - Ethanol Conversion Kit E85 EcoFuelBox

E85 Ethanol Conversion Kits How they Works ?

EcoFuelBox flex fuel kit is a truly economical and ecological solution.

EcoFuelBox® is a E85 Ethanol conversion kit which uses the latest technologies allowing you to enjoy the benefits of ethanol fuel while keeping your current vehicle, an save up to 35€ (-40%) at each tank fill. EcoFuelBox ethanol kits are fourth generation, high quality fully automatic E85 ethanol conversion kits (fFex Fuel Kts)

The calibration of the kit take place immediately after the installation.
EcoFuelBox E85 Ethanol Kit incorporates a digital microprocessor(s) constantly interacting with the ECU of the vehicle and automatically check and adapts itself to used fuel type : E85,Ethanol, Unleaded gasoline or a mixture of two fuels, whatever the proportions are, by reading data from vehicle's ECU.

After having determined which type of fuel is in your car's fuel tank, the EcoFuelBox's microprocessor calculate and optimize the air/fuel ratio to assure a complete combustion guaranteeing economy and reliability of the engine.
EcoFuelBox ethanol conversion kits it's a result of many years of research and experimentation in the field.


The EcoFuelBox E85 ethanol kit could be installed almost on any vehicle manufactured after 1990 with a gasoline engine with electronic fuel injection and oxygen sensor (not compatible with the systems K-Jetronic / Direct Injection)

Easy installation

EcoFuelBox flex fuel kit could be easily installed in less than 20 minutes. There is no wires to cut or solder, all  our bio ethanol kits are 100% "Plug & Drive"

E85 Ethanol  doesn’t alter mechanical components such as: tank, fuel pump, engine or exhaust system. Your car is considered as Flex-Fuel vehicle as soon as installation is performed, and you can immediately drive on ethanol E85, unleaded gasoline or a mixture of both fuels.

Integrated cold-start assist system
All our kits are equipped with integrated cold-start assist technology "COLD FIRE" for easy
engine startup even at very cold temperatures -30°C and below.

The evidences of this technology are real.
Thousands of vehicles all over the world: France, Germany, Sweden, United States, Brazil, Ukraine... were equipped with EcoFuelBox ethanol conversion kits. No systems failures have been detected on any vehicles, even after +150,000 kilometers  runs.

So-called “engine and fuel system damages” related to a conversion to ethanol E85 are never based on any serious study. This idea is the result of lobbying from multinationals and powerful petrol industry lobby groups.

Cost-effective investment that save your money.
The cost of your EcoFuelBox kit, will be quickly refunded by the constant savings made on your fuel expenses. Then your EcoFuelBox will allow you to make pure savings for all of your next tank fill-ups.

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