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Which kit to choose for my car ?
Which ethanol kit to choose for my car ?

Want to know which EcoFuelBox kit is compatible with your car ? Not sure what type of connectors you need ? Need more information ?

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The choice of kit depends on your car's engine type.
Here are two examples:
For a car with
four-cylinder engine you will need a 4-cylinders conversion kit.
For a car with
six-cylinder engine you will need a 6-cylinders conversion kit.

Injectors connectors
There are six types of connectors: Bosch EV1, Bosch EV6, Delphi, Denso, Honda, Toyota.

90% of European vehicles are fitted with Bosch EV1 connectors injection. However, it is important to identify the type of for injectors connectors on your vehicle, before ordering EcoFuelBox.

How to identify the type of Injectors connectors:
Unplug the connector from one of the injectors and compare to the images below.

Polarity harness
Depending on the make, model, version and year of your vehicle, the polarity of connectors wiring harness (on your car) may be normal or reversed.

By default EcoFuelBox flex fuel kits are supplied with unassembled male connectors, so you can connect them according to the polarity of the wiring harness of your vehicle.

On your request, we can provide your EcoFuelBox E85 Ethanol Kit with male connectors assembled according to the polarity of wiring harness.

Use a digital voltmeter to check which of the two pins
"A" or "B" of the female connector sends a positive +12 volts signal. (See picture No. 7)

If you don't have digital voltmeter or can not check the polarity select "
Not Defined" when you order your EcoFuelBox ethanol E85 kit.
Our kits are
sold with polarity tester "Green Light", so you can check the polarity and assemble the connectors while installing the kit.

Click on image to enlarge it or download full size image.
conne...y_EN.png 3812 kb .png


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